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As a Motion Pictures student, I originally was on a production track but have recently switched over to more of a business focus.

During my study abroad program at FAMU in Prague, CZ, I collaborated on two films with my fellow students. I had the chance of being both assistant producer and an extra.

"The Passenger" is about a young artist escaping a communist ruled Czech-Republic and making an unlikely ally with the man whose cabin she snuck into. I made a quick cameo in the film along with being responsible for moving equipment and keeping the train we filmed on as  clean as when we got there.

"It's On The House" covers an old Czech legend about "The Iron Man" who allegedly haunts this lonely bar once every 100 years. I was a production assistant.


"The Slip" takes the silent and cheesy fun of classic cinema and merges it with the modern atmosphere and kinship at The University of Miami. I came up with the initial concept and was editor of the short.

"Blank Canvas" was a project for my Intermediate Filmmaking Class. The story is about Marci, a young artist who just lost her greatest mentor and seeks to fill the void with Jamie, a young man in Marci's art therapy class. I was primarily a production assistant, but also the art director responsible for selecting and sourcing props and costumes.

Marketing Projects

RealUTalk is a comedic informational question and answer series on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube. Questions can range from mundane topics like "What was your SAT/ACT score" to more opinionated topics like "What is the worst fashion trend on campus?" The series is meant to entertain both University of Miami students and those interested in applying to the U. 

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Community Involvement

University of Miami Blood Drive

A photo of me and Sargeant Addy Villanueva of the University of Miami Police Department. She and I partnered with to organize an on campus blood drive to collect plasma donations to benefit Covid patients and platelets to help the child of one of her fellow officers who was suffering from cancer. I was proud to have been part of this effort to help my community. 


Miami Dade Animal Shelter

While in high school I volunteered at the animal shelter. It's a great activity for dog and cat lovers alike. You get to play with the dogs and introduce them to potential adoptive parents. The blind Pomeranian was my favorite and I was thrilled that she was adopted. It's a great feeling when the shelter animals find their forever home.


Extra Curriculars

Hispanic National Bar Foundation Summer Law Institute

I spent two weeks in Washington D.C. with fellow Hispanic students from all over the U.S. learning about the legal field from prominent Hispanic lawyers, government officials and judges. The program culminated in a mock trial presided by a Federal District Court Judge and my team was the winner!

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